Are You Ready For a Porsche?

Step 1: Realize Your Potential

The day is here. This is the moment that you’ve been waiting for. Are you ready for your Porsche? Of course. A brand new Porsche is your dream vehicle!

But before you jump down the rabbit hole, there are some steps you need to go through first...

Step 2: What Are You Looking For?

Since you have realized your goal, you know have to begin your journey. Like a circle, where you start is where you end and, as counterintuitive as it might feel, you have to realize that before you understand what you want, you have to ask yourself for what you are looking for. 

Are you someone looking for a sports car? Is speed your number one priority? Do you long for a vehicle that will fit all your friends? Do aesthetics drive your decisions? Once you know the answer, you can begin your journey.

Step 3: Compare & Contrast

Now that you have narrowed down your goals, you can begin comparing Porsche models to further understand which vehicle is best for you. You can compare using price, year, body design, transmission, and many more factors to complete your decision. The more time you put in to understand what model works best for you, the easier the process will be when you arrive at the dealership.

Step 4: To Lease or Not to Lease

Now that everything's falling into place, you must decide: to lease or to buy? Although the decision may seem difficult at first, it is actually quite simple. You can discuss with a salesperson about which option works best for your personal life, but a simple question you have to answer to know is - how long do you wish to have your vehicle? If you are looking to keep it long-term, then perhaps buying it out-right is best for you. If you are the type of person who likes to always have the newest of everything, then leasing is a great option.

Step 5: Test Drive, Baby!

You’re so close to the finish line you can almost taste it. The best is always saved for last and this is truly the most fun part of the process: test driving your future vehicle. You’ll never know if the car is right for you until you take it for a ride.

Step 6: Contact Your Local Dealership

Get started on your Porsche research using our virtual showroom, and don’t hesitate to visit us from Monday - Saturday. We can’t wait to match you up with the perfect Porsche!
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