Iconic Porsche Racing Cars

A Brief History

The nineteenth century boasted the most cultural shifts of any century. Paradigm shifts occurred in every facet of life - from the industrial revolution to growing urbanization. One of the most overlooked parts of the nineteenth century might also be the most unexpected: the birth of auto racing. The first auto race occurred as early as 1867.

Yet more unexpected than the history of auto racing is the role of Porsche in auto racing. Although the name alone may bring luxury vehicles to mind, for over sixty years, Porsche has developed racing cars and competed in races. This has resulted in more than 30,000 race victories for Porsche! The push of motorsports has led Porsche to create numerous iconic vehicles, but we’ve picked out a few of our favorites.

The 1990 Porsche 962C

In 1990, nearly 120 years after the first auto race, Porsche developed arguably one of the most iconic racing cars: the 1990 Porsche 962C.  Its geometric design diverged from the classic Porsche frame. A 3.0 liter engine with a 5-speed manual transmission and dunlop tires, this vehicle exceeds any and all expectations. Even now, almost thirty years after its genesis, its design resembles something of a far-off, distant future. A constant dream to strive for. 

The 1955 Porsche 550 Spyder

A car that even Bond would covet, the 1955 Porsche 550 Spyder was anything but ordinary. Where it lacked the sharp edges of the 962C, it obtained a shape that felt almost cloud-like. It resembled a submarine, of sorts. A 1.5L flat four engine with a manual transmission and an RMR layout, the 550 existed to impress. In 1953, it entered its first race, resulting in an effortless win.

The 2019 718 Cayman GT4

The 90s had the 962C and the 50s had the 550 Spyder, but 2019 may win this competition: we have the 718 Cayman GT4. Baseball All-Star and race driver CJ Wilson said it best: “It’s simply begging for your full attention.” An aluminum six-cylinder mid-mounted boxer engine with dual clutch transmission, the vehicle is capable of 425 horsepower. The Cayman will have you begging for your own racing car, but until that day comes...

How to Turn Your Porsche Into A Racing Car

Now, we know most people don’t always have the opportunity to become professional race car drivers, but there’s always the alternative: accessories that make your Porsche feel like a race car. The Porsche Projector LED light is a good place to start: it adds the futurism for which the 962C so much begged. The Clear Side Marker Light Set  is a must-have: it adds the elegance of the 550 Spyder to your vehicle. If you want your Porsche to really feel like a 718 Cayman GT4, then opt for the 992 Emblem Upgrade. If you have questions about any of these accessories, feel free to give us a call at (855) 473 - 9055. 

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