Prepare for lease turn in

It’s always best to be prepared to return your car when your lease is over. But know that no contract is the same when it comes to vehicle lease. It can vary depending on the car, the company and the time you will be leasing it for. What we describe here is the most common way in which it is done.

Your lease contract will specify the date on which you must return your car. In most cases, your lease finance company will contact you to schedule an inspection, which is typically done by an outside inspection company and can be done at your home or work location, usually starts about 90 days before the end of the vehicle contract. This only takes about 30 minutes.

Most manufacturers look for damage in these general categories:

  • Dents, dings, scratches, and scrapes on the exterior, bumpers, and wheels, especially "curbed" wheels

  • Cracks, stars or excessive pitting in the windshield and other windows

  • Abnormal or excessive wear to the tires

  • Tears or stains on the upholstery that can't be repaired or cleaned with normal refurbishing

The inspector will take notes and pictures of these specifying damages, poor repairs, condition of tires, mileage, and any unusual wear-and-tear. He or she will give you a copy of his report to the lease company. Although they might note some minor scratches or damage, it doesn’t necessarily mean the lease company is going to charge you for them. A pro tip: Be nice to the inspector. Is it hot out? Offer some water. Is the inspector doing the job at your workplace? Pick up the cost of parking. Your courtesy could come in handy if the inspector has leeway in deciding whether a bit of damage could pass.

It’s very important to return everything that came with the car. For example, many people forget to bring the second set of keys they received when they leased the vehicle. Other pieces to return include tonneau (cargo) covers, the original floor mats, spare tires, and even third-row seats that were perhaps removed and stored in the garage.

Now, there are fees you might have to pay. For example, if you go over your mileage on your new, used or pre-owned Porsche, there is nothing you can do, you signed a contract in which you agreed to pay for the extra miles you used; but if the vehicle is damaged beyond the contract stipulations, you can repair it yourself -or at a different collision center-  to avoid paying the fee for it. Now there can be times when you are able to repair the damage but don’t have enough time to do it before you have to return the vehicle. In these cases, you may choose to continue your lease for a while longer. Most lease companies will agree to an extended lease of no more than 6 additional months. You must contact the lease company to get approval.

Be sure you get your inspection ahead of time just in case you need to get a repair done or want to avoid unnecessary fees. For more information, give us a call at (855) 473-9055, we’re available Monday - Sunday!

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