Your Porsche is already one of the sharpest-looking cars out there, our automobiles are naturally beautiful and aesthetic. With this in mind, there are ways to enhance that beauty by customizing your Porsche with equipment and accessories that go with your personality for an even more elegant look. Here are a few of our favorite additions:


The Porsche toolset comes in a leather case and includes: ring/open-end spanner set (8 pieces), socket wrench set (30 pieces), hexagon allen key set (9 pieces), flat-nosed round pliers, voltage tester, plastic spatula, telescopic magnet, LED headlamp, 2 pairs of gloves, and microfiber cloth. Note: Please note the Porsche warranty conditions. Improper handling of the tools may result in the exclusion of Porsche warranty claims.

Sports bucket seat

The seat shell is made from a lightweight combination of glass and carbon fiber reinforced plastic (GFRP/CFRP) with a carbon-fiber surface finish, and weighs 15-19 lbs. less than a conventional seat. Not only is the seat shell lightweight, but the inherent strength of the GRP/CFRP construction also offers excellent occupant protection.


Outdoor car cover

Custom-fit outdoor vehicle cover made of water-repellent material with a colored Porsche Crest and “PORSCHE” logo. Anti-theft protection included.

All-weather floor mats

Two-piece set in attractive design with vehicle silhouette and silver "PORSCHE" logo. Non-slip and impermeable. With raised surrounding border.

Multi-function steering wheel in Alcantara

Multi-function steering wheel rim finished in Black Alcantara for a smoother and more comfortable grip.

Leather luggage set

Top-of-the-line luggage set constituted of:

- handy bag

- small weekender

- large weekender

- garment bag

All luggage items are made from high-quality leather (in black) and feature silver decorative stitching and silver-edged perforations.

Navigation update

Enables updating of your navigation system map data the most recent data version. For overall optimized precision in navigation. The map material includes new countries and a significantly higher degree of detail. The number of points of interest that can be selected has been increased. For an even more comprehensive choice of hotels, restaurants, car parks, petrol stations, and other tourist information in the area around your destination.

 Voice control for PCM

Allows all PCM functions to be controlled almost exclusively using voice commands. With whole-word input of e.g. navigation destinations, phonebook entries or radio station names, without the system having to learn them. Simplified operation by means of interactive input and display of menu-specific selection lists.

Backrest protector

The backrest protector prevents soiling and damage to the backs of the seats through dirty shoes or kicks by the rear passengers. It can be attached effortlessly at the bottom by means of a magnet clip and hook. Four integrated pockets provide additional storage space.

If you’re looking to give your vehicle the cleanest look, you’ll definitely want to acquire these accessories. Check our full accessories inventory here, and feel free to contact us at (855) 473-9055 with any questions regarding our accessory offerings.

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