Porsche AR Visualizer app

Ever dream of owning your own custom, Porsche? Good news! That dream is about to become a reality - sort of, thanks to the Porsche AR (Augmented Reality) Visualizer app. 


The App

Thanks to Porsche’s cool new (Free!) app, you can see what your new custom ride will look like as it sits in your garage, your driveway, your kitchen—your bedroom! No need to hire a contractor to blow out that kitchen wall and no need to kick your partner out of sleeping quarters to make room for your new love: Porsche. 

The AR Visualizer app, available through the App Store and Google Play, allows you to create the Carrera S, Carrera 4S, Porsche 911 or the Mission E concept car that you’ve always wanted. The remainder of the Porsche lineup is slated to be added to the app by year-end. 


Conceptually speaking

The app is based on the concept of already-existing Porsche technology. The vehicles you design can be seen in Augmented Reality on a phone screen just as well as they can be seen on a computer screen. The app allows users to access a previously configured access code from the Porsche website.


By using the code, users can upload their configurations into the app from the web and look at the detailing of the vehicle in the real world, regardless of the user’s location. Changes like paint color can be made in the AR Visualization. A highlight function allows users to view technical features that before now, were typically hidden from view. Imagine viewing the chassis of the 911 and being able to virtually experience its powertrain!


Let the games begin

Let’s get to the fun part: Building your dream Porsche will take some deep thought, as all of life’s most important decisions do. Wheel style? Color? You even get so see under the skin to check out the mechanics in X-ray mode. Specs and other information are provided too! 

Inside, outside, up-side-down-side; it doesn’t matter, the Porsche model can be placed on any surface and allows viewing of all the technical stuff in 3D. Look under the chasse of a new 911 and experience its power train virtually. 



Not to worry, the need for speed has not been excluded here. Users can create the sound of the exhaust and even raise and lower the spoiler. Driving Mode is trunk-loads of fun, as it puts you in the pilot seat in your chosen environment. This app looks so realistic it leaves little to the imagination of your future Porsche; that cool custom Porsche maybe that cool AR Visualizer app. 


Dream on

According to Oliver Hoffmann, Porsche’s Director of Marketing and Communications, with the new app “The configuration of a Porsche will be even more of a digital experience. Now, before making the purchase decision, everyone can virtually park their dream Porsche in their own driveway, marvel at it in their own living room, or show a photo-realistic version to their friends.” 


OK, so maybe owning a custom Porsche is still a bit more in the dream phase for you. Download Porsche’s nifty new AR Visualizer app and you can finally put those dreams into motion with help from us at Suncoast Porsche! If you have any questions, don’t hesitate to call us from Monday - Saturday at (855) 473-9055.


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