Following the not-so-long-ago SUV craze that took place in the United States, has come the re-coupe-ing of America. For many car brands that can mean a nip here, a tuck there and viola, the coupe is born. Thankfully this is not the case for Porsche’s new 2020 Cayenne Coupe. 


A New Coupe


The Cayenne SUV can be considered the parent of the new Cayenne Coupe. While some parental features may be noted, the Cayenne Coupe isn’t resting on the laurels of its predecessors. The Coupe appears to be more of an athlete; complete with a steep, sloping roofline and nice broad shoulders, thanks to redesigned quarter panels and rear doors. The Coupe has a powerful stance, ready to take on any of the challengers. Some might say the comparatively awkward-looking BMW X6 should consider riding the bench a bit longer before messing with this guy. 


Of course, the athlete is always in great shape and the Cayenne Coupe does not disappoint in the looks department. The Coupe can come smartly dressed in Porsche’s classic hounds tooth pattern. Well-dressed and leaner than the square-backed Cayenne SUV, the cargo area is slightly more compact but still offers 22 cubic feet of very usable space.  Like the SUV, the Coupe comes with a standard panoramic fixed-glass sunroof, accompanied by adjustable eight-way front and rear bucket seats. The rear seats sit an inch lower allowing more headroom for passengers in the second-row. 


The Tech 


Great athletes are not reliant on ever-technology and that holds true for the Coupe. Porsche’s previously-known 12.3 inch touchscreen and climate-control system, are both expected to be inherited by the Coupe. A suite of driver-assistance features are expected to be offered as well, including auto-brake, with pedestrian detection and adaptive cruise control. 


True to its namesake, the Cayenne Coupe provides a nice drive with an obvious love of road games.  Because those who appreciate Porsche may be considered a bit choosy, Porsche offers modestly different versions inside each model-line. You may be aware that there are currently 28 different 911’s available for purchase. (Good information for your next Porsche trivia night.)


The Price 


As always, options will affect the price. The base model Cayenne Coupe starts at $75,300 and rises from there. An option like the Lightweight Sport Package that brings a super-cool carbon-fiber roof and 22-inch wheels, will add on $14,400. The Performance Package, offering adaptive air suspension and rear-wheel steering, with lots of other bells and whistles, runs about  $4,900. A competitive two-grand for adaptive cruise control and $780 for soft-close doors. The chalked-full Turbo model takes the tag up as well. Of course, with Porsche, you can expect a lot of bang for that buck. For instance, in that Turbo model, the V8 will rocket you to 60 MPH is just 3.7 seconds. Seriously putting your money where your pedal is. 


The Cayenne Coupe is an athlete for those who love the player and the game. As with any game, there are other players. The BMW X6 and the Mercedes-Benz GLE Coupe are both coupe-conversion participants, but side by side, the Cayenne Coupe has the natural look of a player and appears to be a best bet in the coupe race. 

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