Every time you go to a Porsche dealership, you will see classic models such as the 911, Cayenne, Panamera, or even the Macan. This makes picking a vehicle tough, and why settle for just one? We don't mean owning a fleet of Porsches - that may be out of your budget. We mean taking advantage of a unique subscription program that saves you the hassle of storing, maintaining, and insuring a fleet of vehicles. This program is called "Porsche Passport," a program where Porsche owns the fleet and you pay for the opportunity to use their wide variety of vehicles. 


Swapping from one model to the other is known as a "flip," and each flip is based  on the membership plan you pick. There are two plans: the Launch and Accelerate membership plans. The only difference between the two is that the Launch costs $2000 and includes 8 vehicles to choose from while the Acceleration is $3000 and consists of 22 Porches model variants. There is also a $500 activation fee for both plans. 

You can switch your car for each occasion which is all worked through the Porsche Passport app even though it may be accomplished through the app. Porsche makes sure to include a human touch to every vehicle. What makes this even better is that a concierge delivers the car you ordered completely clean and later comes back to pick up the vehicle. You can ask for the vehicle to be delivered at your job or home. Even detailing the vehicle, they drop off inside and out, which also includes a full tank of gas. They even provide recommendations to what vehicle is best for your needs.  

Porsche does all the work and does everything in their power to make the customer happy. Also included in the subscription program is full coverage on insurance, maintenances, detailing, taxes, and unlimited flips/miles within one payment plan. This makes it easier for you to keep track of the cars and expenses monthly. These benefits can be transferred between each flip and also comes with roadside side assistance if you or Porsche get into a sticky situation. 

The Future

As of right now, the Porsche Passport subscription program is only available in Atlanta, Georgia with some other communities being served such as Decatur, Tucker, John Creek, Roswell, Alpharetta, Marietta, and Smyrna. The reason for this is that Atlanta is the North America headquarters for Porsche. As of now, it is in trial and developmental stage, and if it's successful, communities all over the United States and the world can access this great service. 

Porsche works day in and out to provide people with the best cars and best service in the market. Other companies may be trying to do the same, but Porsche is not in the business of short term convenience; they are in the business of providing a premium driving experience for all customers. 

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