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We can easily tell you that Porsche is the very best vehicle brand there is. We have the most comfortable seating, the sharpest looking cars, the best customer service and more. But why don’t you hear it from people that have been in your position! Here are the reviews from people that started off like you and now are the biggest Porsche fans:

This one is from a couple that purchased the 2019 Porsche Cayenne:

This SUV Begs to go Fast

We owned this 2019 Cayenne 3.0T Awd for close to 3 months. [And] this car screams. We get to take it on a road trip from Los Angeles to Las Vegas to the Valley of Fire at Moapa. Cruising at 85mph seems like it’s moving at 55mph. The handling is so superb, like a smaller car. This SUV begs to go fast. This SUV likes to be cruising at 90+ mph and the 8-speed transmission keeps the RPM around 2K. At 95-100mph, the cabin is quiet with very little wind noise. Acceleration up the grades are just half throttle and when u look at the speedometer, you're flying up at triple digits. Braking to slow down for traffic is effortless. Going through the turns, there is very little body roll. The interior has lots of legroom for both front and rear passengers. Seats are comfortable. Control layouts get a little to get used to, but once figured out everything is easy to navigate. This is Truly the Ultimate Family Sports SUV.

Another of our long-term customers with a 2018 Porsche 911 said:

Born In The Heart of Porsche Motorsports!

The 2018 GT3 is my 6th Porsche in the past 20 years. [...] Every car has been at the leading edge of sports car development in its era. Completely reliable, responsive in power delivery and handling with racing experience ingrained in these cars' design and engineering. The GT3 is my first "GT" Porsche, which is a 911 with a direct connection to Porsche Motorsports. The 4.0L engine is derived from the engine used in racing and suspension architecture is based on race and GT RS versions. I have the carbon fiber racing bucket seats, which are very comfortable. The highlight of the ownership experience is driving and this car is a daily driver. And that howl that grows as one crosses about 3,200 RPM is intoxicating. Also terrific is hearing the drivetrain in action - I can swear that I hear individual pistons reciprocating! The handling is phenomenal. It seems impossible to get the car out of shape. I love 911s and I love Boxsters. There isn't a car or SUV in the Porsche line that I wouldn't recommend; it's all a matter of one's intended primary use of the car, desire for new vs. pre-owned and, of course, budget!

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