Porsche’s 2020 Models

Our 2020 models are right around the corner! Find out why you should get your hands on one:

2020 Taycan

The 2020 Taycan is an all-electric vehicle, a company first! Originally designed as the 2015 concept for the Mission E, the Taycan is designed for more appeal and adaptability. To exemplify this, the car is available in two body styles: fastback sedan and wagon. As an electric vehicle, the Taycan sports an 800-volt charging battery with docks on either side. This lightning-quick battery can charge 60 miles of driving within four minutes and over 200 miles within 15 minutes.

2020 Porsche 911

The most iconic vehicle in Porsche’s repertoire makes a return with the new 992 series. The 2020 Porsche 911 will take the place of the seven-year-old 991 model, with some improvements to boot. The regular and sport models are .8 and 1.3 inches longer than their predecessor respectively. They have also had 1.5 inches added to their front and rear tracks to provide more grip. Last but not least, the 2020 models are heavier than the previous one by 160 pounds while sporting just 30 percent steel in their body, as compared to the 991 series’ 63 percent.

2020 Macan

The Macan has returned with its new 2020 model providing updates to keep it inline with the new year. Among these updates are a larger touchscreen display matched with web-based navigation. It also as options for upgrades to its suspension and engine software, a heated windshield, and a cabin air ionizer. The improvements to the suspension and engine will raise the limits on the vehicle’s handling and power. The sport edition, Macan S, has received a new V6 engine with less torque and more horsepower, together with larger brakes that are said to make braking feel better. Just as every Porsche before it, the 2020 Macan can be customized as much as you want. With performance similar to a sports car but with more space, the new Macan is one to pay attention to.


2020 Boxster 

There is the performance, and then there is the Boxster’s performance. For those who expect nothing but the best, the 2020 Boxster Spyder has upgraded its engine to a four-liter flat-six engine, from the turbocharged four-cylinder engine found in the 718. Despite not being turbocharged, the new engine is reported to have an output of 414 horsepower and 309 lb-ft of torque. Finally, the transmission is manual only with a rev-matched downshift.

2020 Panamera

Here it is, the flagship of Porsche, the 2020 Panamera. Accompanying its 2017 updates and 2019 lineup additions of GTS, high-performance models, the Panamera keeps Porsche’s signature performance with adaptability and pragmatism. The regular lineup is joined by two hybrids, and all of them are available in both the sedan and wagon styles.

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