New, Pre-Owned, or Certified?

Making A Difficult Question Even Harder

While making the decision to purchase a car is difficult enough, there is another question that makes it even more difficult. You may know exactly the type of car you want and the model, such as a Porsche 991. You can answer any question on the topic, with the exception of that one question: New or pre-owned? This one question can throw a wrench into your entire process and you may not decide until the last minute. That isn’t necessary though, as we can help you decide which option is perfect for you with relative simplicity and ease.

Buy New

When you purchase a brand new Porsche and drive it home, there is one very satisfying thought: this is yours, it has only been yours, and you are the first to experience it. It trumps anything else that can come to mind, including the fabled new car smell. What’s more, this car is fresh off the manufacturing belt, with all the bells and whistles in perfect working order. You know that the vehicle is going to work the way it’s supposed to for years to come. The added bonus of choosing Porsche is the vast array of technological features included with that choice. We would like to highlight one specific feature: Porsche Connect. This application allows your vehicle to connect with your smartphone to allow navigation, information, entertainment, security, breakdown and emergency call systems, and even remote control. With iPhones, you can even take advantage of Apple CarPlay.

To elaborate on the breakdown and emergency call systems, these systems are integrated into the Porsche Vehicle Tracking System (PVTS). The breakdown portion of the security system uses the Porsche Connect App to call and, as an option, transmit their location and relevant information to Porsche's Assistance. The emergency call system is triggered by two methods. The first method is an automatic trigger in the event of an accident, where the system will transmit your vehicle data to the relevant and proper authorities. The second method is triggered manually by you via a button within the vehicle or the Porsche Connect App. The second trigger follows the same protocol as the first. Additionally, this security system follows a series of steps to prevent your vehicle from theft. The system begins by setting off its alarm, reporting the alarm to a 24/7 Security Operating Center, and informing you of the event via push notifications and text messages. Local authorities can then assist in locating and recovering your missing vehicle. 

Buy Pre-Owned

While knowing that you are the first to experience a new car, and yes, even the first to smell it, the price of a pre-owned vehicle is difficult to match. New Porsche 911 has a starting MSRP of $113,000 while a pre-owned vehicle of the same make and model could be as low as $43,000. This is roughly a third of the new price, and there is no stress about the circumstances of the car's previous ownership. With a lower price, no concern about damage, and the same model as new, there is guaranteed less stress with this route.

Certified Vehicles: The Middle Ground

So what if you want a new Porsche for the price of a pre-owned? While that is not entirely an option, there is the Porsche Approved Certified Pre-Owned Program. This program is the happy middle ground between the two. It is a lower price than a brand new Porsche but is a pre-owned vehicle that has gone through an approval process. This process guarantees that the vehicle maintains the standards of quality that come with the Porsche brand while having less than 124,000 miles and a two years/unlimited mileage warranty. The process itself involves an inspection of the car pertaining to a 111-point checklist, service performed by mechanics trained by Porsche with parts that are genuine to the brand. It may be higher than a normal pre-owned car, but it comes with the same reliability as a new one.

Your Choice

If you want the best and most recent vehicle with the newest technology, knowing that you are the only one to experience that car, then a new car is the one for you. The added cost is more than made up for with the added safety features and entertainment options. However, for those more oriented towards a budget or don’t necessarily need every new feature, then purchasing a pre-owned Porsche is certainly your best option. Of course, for those who want a pre-owned but with the reliability and comfort of a new one, the certified pre-owned is the route for, at a slightly higher cost than the regular pre-owned. Your choice depends on who you are and what you want, however, anything is a fantastic choice when it's a Porsche.

If you still need to discuss the options with an expert or have some questions that were not answered above, then feel free to contact us! You can call our team at (855) 473-9055 or check out our new, certified, and pre-owned vehicles on our website!
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