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Over the years, the Porsche brand has come to represent the pinnacle of luxury, style, sport, and technology. While Porsche offers a number of iconic vehicles in its fleet, its logo is what many people instantly recognize. Its intricate design and stunning black, gold and red color scheme is a symbol of the history of the brand, but there are a few secrets about the logo that even the biggest Porsche fans may not know. Read on to learn some interesting facts about the Porsche logo. 

The First Appearance of the Famous Crest

Porsche was originally established as a company in 1931, but those first vehicles that rolled off the production line didn't have the well-known logo. In fact, the logo didn't make its first appearance until 1952. It initially appeared in the center of the Porsche 356 Pre-A's steering wheel. After that, it was added to the hood-lift assembly in the 1954 356 series. By 1959 the logo also began to appear on the wheels of new models, and it has been a famous symbol ever since. 

Who Designed It?

Though Ferdinand Porsche was the founder of the company, he didn't design the logo. Many people also falsely believe that the logo was designed by American distributor Max Hoffman when the Porsche came to the United States. It's true that Hoffman and Ferdinand Porsche did both have input into the design of the logo, and they knew that they wanted it to include historical significance. It was first sketched by Xaver Reimspieß, who is also the designer of the Volkswagen logo, along with another designer. The crest they created symbolized the roots and values that are at the heart of the company. Since its debut in the 1950s, the crest has only undergone a few superficial changes but has largely remained the same throughout the decades.

The Meaning Behind the Logo

As you may know, the Porsche brand originated in the city of Stuttgart, Germany, during the post World War I days of the Weimar Republic. It helps to know a little German history to better understand the meaning behind the crest. During the Weimar Republic, Stuttgart was the capital of the Free People's State of Württemberg, and Porsche's logo has the same red and black stripes that were featured prominently on the Württemberg coat of arms. In the lower right and upper left quadrant of the crest, you can see black antlers, which are also taken from the Württemberg coat of arms. And the horse in the middle is taken directly from Stuttgart's coat of arms, which has origins in the Middle Ages.

Many Symbols Come Together

The horse and the antlers that are featured on the logo are often misinterpreted. When you think of cars, you think of horsepower, which seems to be why the horse is featured so prominently in the crest. However, as was mentioned above, it actually comes from the Stuttgart crest. Stuttgart's origins lie in agriculture, and the horse is an important symbol that represents those origins. The brand still calls the Stuttgart area home, which further shows their dedication to history and its legacy. 

Become a Part of History

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