When you decide to take your car for repair, you may probably have heard of various myths about the engine oil from your mechanic. If you do not understand which myth is true or false, they might ruin your car engine.

These types of motor oil myths are widespread, and it becomes challenging to determine their origin. You will, therefore, have to counter these myths with facts.

You are Supposed to Change the Oil After 3,000 to 5,000 Miles.

Most car owners have been misled and are told that they should change car oils in every service. Most people have been advised to turn after 3000 miles. This approach is wrong and is just meant to waste resources.

You Do Not Have to Change to Synthetic Oil if the Car is Functioning Well.

You will realize that inferior quality oils will harm your car engine. They are usually contaminated with various impurities that affect the lubricating properties of the engine oil.

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