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Porsche is a name that conjures up images of skillful handling on winding mountain roads, blistering speed on a straightaway, sleek European style, and absolute luxury. What you may not know is that all of the qualities emerged from the vision of an innovator. It is with absolute clarity of purpose that Porsche has become the powerhouse brand that exists today. Chalk it up to the Porsche Principle.

What Is the Porsche Principle?

In short, the Porsche Principle is to get the most out of everything. This idea, conceived on the race track over 70 years ago, has translated into the mantra that built an empire. What began as a goal to make performance synonymous with speed and success developed into a guiding principle for how to achieve it in the most efficient way possible. The concept of intelligent performance was born. 

However, success wasn't a straight path to the top. There were good times and bad. The time between when Ferdinand Porsche set up his limited liability company in 1931 until the first Porsche 356 was released 17 years later was fraught with experiments, failures, and successes. It is the successes that built his reputation and solidified his place in history: engines that garnered land speed records, the first Volkswagen, and the development of a tractor that could be operated despite fuel shortages. 

How Has It Influenced the Company?

The question would be much easier to answer if it was phrased as, "How has the Porsche Principle not influenced the company over the years?". Virtually, every facet of the company is checked against the founding concept born from Ferdinand's desire to create a sports car that could use energy efficiently. 


The name of Ferry's original company included the German word for engineering, and that has been the cornerstone of Porsche ever since. In 1972, the engineering brilliance that had delivered groundbreaking engines and vehicles for much of the century became the Porsche think tank in Weissach. In the almost 50 years since, the think tank has resulted in technical evolution that administers thousands of patents, with hundreds of new ones added every year.


In 1999, the production principle was developed at Porsche, setting a new industry standard for efficiency and flexibility. In this model, each production line owns the end-to-end lifecycle of each vehicle from concept through production. Each of these mini-companies reports directly to the Chairman of the Executive Board.


The operation of the Porsche company was successful, due in large part to their inclusivity. From its earliest days, the company involved its customers, employees, partners, and stakeholders in the development of their products. This practice earned them a much-celebrated mention from the German chancellor that said the Porsche Principle could be a model for Germany.


Intelligent performance is what drives the consistent quality that links every Porsche facility in every country. With unwavering dedication and allegiance to the Porsche Principle, each facility delivers the same excellence in every language. Whether you buy a new 911 in Japan or a pre-owned one from a used car dealership in Sarasota, you can expect the performance that is synonymous with the brand.

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