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Celebrity Porsche Collectors

Porsche has always prided itself on the people that drive their vehicles, and drivers have given Porsche the same respect. However, we know that there are drivers who want to stand out from the "regular" customers - collectors! These individuals have taken their love for Porsche full throttle. Many of these high profile people have a collection of Porsches that span decades and have cars that define their style. 

Celebrities Collectors 

 Patrick Dempsey is known as…

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Tips For Buying Classic Porsches

Ever since Porsche began manufacturing vehicles in the early 1930s, they have been at the top of the industry. This is why many collectors set their eyes on older Porsches: they are the precursors of the cars today. However, buying a classic Porsche is easier said than done. An interested buyer needs to be equipped with the best tips so that they and their wallet are happy. Here are a couple of things you can…

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